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12 Days of Christmas Gifts for Your Husband or Wife [FREE Template!]

Oooh, you’re going to LOVE this!

Best part is: I did most of the work for you!

This is a fairly easy, long-lasting, impressionable series of gifts that can be as expensive and labor-intensive as you’d like! It will be fun for both the giver and the recipient. Winner, winner holiday dinner!

My husband and I have never exchanged gifts. We generally just decide on doing an activity together like going out to a place we wouldn’t usually splurge on, getting couples massages, or going for a night over somewhere (ok, we’ve never done this, but I would LIKE to!). Last year, I wanted to do something fun for my husband, so I planned to give him 12 small gifts leading up to Christmas- one each day. It was exciting for both of us, because I love surprising people and he was excited to see what I had in store for him each day.

These are the 12 gifts I planned:

Husband Gifts 1 logo Husband Gifts 2 logo Husband Gifts 3 logo Husband Gifts 4 logo Husband Gifts 5 logo Husband Gifts 6 logo Husband Gifts 7 logo Husband Gifts 8 logo Husband Gifts 9 logo Husband Gifts 10 logo Husband Gifts 11 logoHusband Gifts 12 logo

This is a template I made for YOU to make it easy to plan each day. It also includes 12 new gift ideas:

12 Days of Christmas, Gift Notices

You can edit the gift part. Also, don’t feel like you need to stick to the 1, 2, 3 theme. I just did so you could see what it could look like. As you can see from my cards to my husband above, I didn’t stick to the numbers, and he certainly didn’t care.

You can also decide to choose all FREE gifts! It’s totally your choice!

COMMENT BELOW with your thoughts — will you try this? What are some gifts you decided to give? We can all use more ideas!

3 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas Gifts for Your Husband or Wife [FREE Template!]

  1. Rodizio’s is always a win! You’re also treating yourself too! Thanks for the ideas! Now I have to decide whether he’s been good enough to receive 12 days of gifts.

    • You’re hilarious! Just remember, you can change the gifts to anything, so feel free to give a mop so he can clean the floor, soap so he can do the laundry, and deodorant so he stays fresh. ;) Ah… poor guy!

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